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See details. About this product Product Information With the demise of home economics in the school system, many adults have no baking experience at all, relying on dreary store-bought baked goods and artificial mixes to satisfy their cravings.

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In a warm, reassuring manner, Pat Sinclair leads beginning bakers step-by-step through each recipe, thoroughly explaining each technique and direction. After learning a basic technique, additional recipes provide further practice and more elaborate results. This second edition contains more than recipes, from old favorites like icebox cookies, cornbread, and brownies to updated classics, including Butterscotch Cashew Blondies, Chai Latte Custards, and Savory Wild Mushroom Bread Pudding.

Throughout, explanations and precise tips, based on Sinclair's years of baking experience, make readers feel as though there is a friendly teacher in the kitchen, peering over their shoulders, and guiding them toward perfect results, every time. This new edition of this basic, down-to-earth, reader-friendly baking guide is updated with beautiful full color photos throughout.

Additional Product Features Dewey Edition. Praise for Baking Basics and Beyond 2nd Edition : "Dozens of good baking cookbooks are on the market, but Baking Basics and Beyond, by Pat Sinclair, is notable both for its scope and its simplicity In her easy-going, uncomplicated manner, she leads beginning bakers through step-by-step instructions for everything from scones, biscuits, and cookies to pies, custards, and cheesecakes.

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Beautifully published, it would make a very special gift. Sinclair writes as if she were standing in your kitchen, telling you exactly what to do so your cakes, pies, brownies, pizzas, coffee cakes, scones and muffins turn out right. Intended to help you get it right the first time, they include a wealth of ah-ha tips. Pat Sinclair breaks baking down into simple, manageable steps.

If you are a new or struggling baker, you will appreciate this cookbook!

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Pat Sinclair does just that in the newly revised second edition of 'Baking Basics and Beyond'" -- The Skillet Chronicles, These are the types of recipes that you'll find yourself wanting to make on a regular basis for everyday occasions, because it never hurts to have another cookbook on the shelf that will give you a good recipe for apple pie, a chocolate fudge sheet cake or a few new cookie ideas. The recipes are thorough and come with Baker's Notes on how to achieve success with each baked good. Spear describes these jaguars, I can see their whiskers twitch, hear them purring, see their tails swish, yes, I was in the zone!

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Recreational classes for the home cook include chicken fundamentals, where students learn how to roast a chicken, cut it, use the trimmings for stock, and make three meals. All cooking events are BYOB—students are encouraged to bring in beer or wine. From Oct.

Baking Basics and Beyond Learn These Simple Techniques and Bake Like a Pro

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