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My biggest passion has always been writing. Writing a book is in the number 1 slot on my bucket list, so naturally, when my husband and I discovered that it was better financially for me to stay at home, my mind immediately went to writing my book. When Violet sleeps, I work on this blog, try to brainstorm for my book, or read a chapter from one of the many books I have yet to finish since she was born.

You could be an art-loving scrapbooker and want to create amazing scrapbooks of each child the Dollar Tree has amazing scrapbook stickers BTW or you could take free online courses to learn that language you always wanted to master. Just make time for yourself. Being around other women who can relate to you and your woes can truly make a world of difference. Make an effort to build your mom tribe.

After Birth Pains (OUCH!!) and Natural Remedies

People who think you sleep in, sit at home relaxing and watching Orange is the New Black all day obviously have no idea what they are talking about. But, then I look down at my sweet little girl and am so happy I can see all her firsts instead of paying a stranger to witness them. You must do what works best for your family. Piles of toys scattered on the living room floor, a pair of soccer socks thrown in front of the couch instead of the laundry bucket, handprints on the sliding glass doors, piles of paperwork on the kitchen island looking at you, husband.

You must learn to let go of your OCD tendencies. With kids, you must throw out all the fucks you give about cleaning. Embrace your messy, sticky, lovely life. Laugh out loud, literally. Laugh it off.

The Stay Sane Mom Mission

Remember, they will only be young once and it goesbysofas t. You got this, Mama. But, you got to make time for one another and maintain that spark that brought you together in the first place. Get fancified, do your make-up, or whatever makes you feel like your old self again. Bring out that push-up bra, girl, and work it! Have a fun night and fall in love all over again. Basically, try not to go crazy being the Pinterest-perfect mom shaping your baby food into the Mona Lisa, planning over the top birthdays with petting zoos and skywriting, and registering your baby for every class under the sun, like Baby DJ school and Farting Etiquette.

Focus: A Necessity for Working Mothers | Staying Sane While Raising Your Teens

Besides driving yourself insane, perfectionism and overbooking your calendar will leave you and your child grumpy and downright tired. Kids are most happy with the simple stuff: mom snuggles, toilet paper rolls, and wrapping paper. Hey, Mama! I'm Violet's mom and Chris' step-mama, Brandi. This space is a peek into my cold-brew fueled life navigating motherhood and the world. Come aboard my crazy train! Wine and Gerber Puffs included. View all posts by Brandi Wiatrak. Being a SAHM is not for the faint of heart. And, I just think the Baby DJ school is hilarious!

I love this post as a SAHM in the thick of it with two little ones. Just made it to my 4 year anniversary of being home with little ones, and yes to all of your tips! I love this. You had me laughing while reading this. I know I enjoy reading books at night or during nap times! It definitely helps me feel better when I get outside and do some small chit chat with the lady walking her dog.

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Thanks so much! Hats off to you for raising three young kiddos! I hate superhero collections, Lord of the Rings collections, fairies and dragons and princesses and Lego characters pretending to be um, Lego characters. It gets them away from the screen and forces, at the very least, the following of directions. They get to work creating their fire-breathing dragon, castle and drawbridge, and position their damsel in distress…. The stocking and Easter basket lasts longer.

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And now guess what? You need a place to put it!

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But when the dresser and night stand and every other level surface in the house is covered with Lego creations, Where do you put them all? And if you think you can throw away the box after said creation is complete, guess again. They need it. That means, my drop dead gorgeous microblading friend is going to be thisclose to my face for two hours, concentrating on said brows.

So in preparation for my appointment, I woke up with a nice, big zit right next to one of my eyebrows. But there it was. No reason at all except to laugh at me. I ambulated from the bathroom into the kitchen to make breakfast, grumbling to myself about how unfair life is. After breakfast, I sat with the 7 year old on the couch waiting for his bus to come. Out from bed and down the hallway came my delightful, chatterbox 3 year old. She perched herself in front of me and rambled to her little audience for a few minutes before stopping in mid- toddler speak. I mean, she was going to notice anyway.

My autistic 7 year old has been surprising all of us lately with his perfect handwriting and the spelling and reading of really big words — especially for a kiddo his age who just became fully potty-trained two weeks ago. Sorry about the quality, but you can see his perfect, tiny letters. The funny thing is, this game does not usually work in reverse.

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Meaning, if I go up to him and ask him to spell a word, more often than not, he will tell me no. Of course, we were roaring with laughter. And he was not even trying to be funny, making these games of his that much more entertaining. We stood in the line patiently, right behind a police officer.

But I get easily off track….

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He has a gun! A gun!!! I just smiled and apologized.