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How to Identify and Treat Recluse (Fiddleback) Spider Bites

Fiddleback is fluid with graceful undulation across the horizontal silk weave slubs. New User? Forget Password?

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Home Cabinet Glossary What is Fiddleback? Fiddleback is a type of grain that has very tight curls. It is named after the wood grain that is used on the backs of many stringed instruments.


Fiddleback grain is has many curves and lines that are very close together. It is a feature that is commonly found in wood from maple, sycamore and walnut trees.

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The grain appears to curl or swerve in unusual patterns, and it may resemble flames or tiger stripes. Woods with fiddleback grain may be more difficult to work with, but they yield beautiful results.

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Fiddleback grain is best enhanced when using tung oil, which will accentuate the color variations within the grain. Many veneers and laminates are available that feature fiddleback grain, which makes it easier to reap the beauty of the wood without the difficulty of working with it.