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Take these steps for a suspected fracture :. The symptoms of a sprain are almost exactly the same as that of a broken bone.

When in doubt, first aid for sprains should be the same as broken bones. Immobilize the limb, apply a cold pack, elevate it, and take anti-inflammatory drugs. See your doctor for further diagnosis and treatment.

Most of us have had a bloody nose at some time in our lives. It simply means bleeding from the inside of the nose due to trauma. The first aid for nosebleed includes:.

Frostbite occurs when the body's tissues freeze deeply in the cold. Ice crystals that form in the tissues cause damage to the cells. This is the opposite of a burn, but it does almost identical damage to the skin. Treating frostbite is a delicate procedure of gradual warming. If at all possible, this should be done by professionals at a medical facility.

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First, get out of the cold. Small areas of minor frostbite may be rewarmed by skin-to-skin contact, but avoid using any heat sources or hot packs. If you can't make it to a medical facility, use immersion of the affected area in warm water 98 to F for 20 to 30 minutes to rewarm it. Do not rub the affected area or use heat sources.

Bee stings are either annoyingly painful or deadly, depending on if the victim is allergic to the venom. Use these bee sting first aid tips :. The problem with jellyfish is that they sneak up on their victims. Swimmers are cruising along in the ocean one minute, and feeling the sting of the jellyfish the next. Sign up for our Health Tip of the Day newsletter, and receive daily tips that will help you live your healthiest life. More in First Aid.

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Basic First Aid for Cardiac Arrest. Command someone to call or the medical alert system for the locale. Immediately start chest compressions regardless of your training. Compress hard and fast in the center of the chest, allowing recoil between compressions. Hand this task over to those who are trained if and when they arrive.

If you are trained, use chest compressions and rescue breathing. But it is essential not to delay chest compressions, so finding one should be commanded to someone else while you are doing chest compressions. Basic First Aid for Bleeding. Cover the wound with a gauze or a cloth and apply direct pressure to stop the blood flow. Don't remove the cloth. Add more layers if needed. The cloth will help clots form to stop the flow. In most cases, applying a tourniquet may do more damage to the limb than good.

The American Heart Association guidelines also discount the value of elevation and using pressure points.

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