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It is very VERY sad that, the experiment is dead. The preservation of the sacred fire of liberty will persist uniquely in the hearts of but only a few. At this point the experiment has failed miserably. Human nature has won out - again.

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George Washington was a true statesman. Would that we could see the likes of him today. It is a daunting task laid before the man, that would seek the Face of God. Through honesty and humility do we walk before this tree, our Tree of Liberty.

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Mercy and Truth go before the face of God. The experiment of, this ministration of liberty and freedom, do continue there course, and do prosper in that which it is sent. We have received a measure which is able to reach even to us. So fulfilling the goal. There are two things that can be done with the Truth, one win souls, two start wars. Washington's was to start a war. You really would not want the Job!

But in doing so, against his will, a dispensing of the measure was given. Let another man praise the, and not thy own lips. The result of doing his job. What do you people think should be done, what prayer to be said, what action should be taken with our liberty and freedom.

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Bogging down the courts won't do it, passing out affidavits of Revocation and Rescission won't work. One must unite, not separate, unless it be of the states. Our nation has fragmented itself already. Only holdouts of understanding among the states, where the core abides.

If Liberty and freedom and the doctrines thereof are not taught from the pulpit, which is at the heart of the family unit, then smoke from the hill is all it is! Very religolistic standing we have in this country. Spirit and Law combined for one purpose under God.


To bring to light the hidden things of darkness, and declare our Liberty and Freedom for all to see. One can not save the country, but perhaps one can unite the true believers and all the sparks they kindle.

There again not enough stars for the quote. Thank you Liberty quotes!!

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David, where do you think paradise is at? Can you show me? Can you tell me who was carried up into paradise? What did he hear while he was there? What rule does he possess? How long is it? What is his name? Why did he suffer so much and count all but lose for this insightful knowledge of liberty and freedom?

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