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Track text and practice "reading.

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Look for these books in your library or substitute them with your favorite books on the topic. Ask the children if they sometimes feel like Leo and why.

Explain to the children that just like Leo, there will be things that they will not know how to do yet, but that is why they are in school. Assure the children that by the end of kindergarten, they will bloom just as Leo did. Ask the children to recall the things each child said they can do that makes them special.

Chart those ideas and brainstorm more. Post the chart paper. Step 3: With the students, review the "special" list that you charted the day before. Tell the children that you have taken their ideas of how they are special and started a book for each of them entitled "I'm Special.

Assembly - I'm Special!

The first four pages, for example, could read:. I can draw me. I can build with blocks.

I can play with my friends. I can sing songs.

All about me: I am special in preschool – Teach Preschool

Step 4: Divide children into small groups if you have other adults to assist. Distribute their I'm Special books.

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Then, they will draw and write about two other things that they can do that make them special on the blank pages. Guide the children through the first four pages one at a time with you leading the choral reading and the children tracking the text. Wait for each child to do a drawing before going on. Step 5: Have the children complete the last two pages on their own. Growing is a good thing.

All about me: I am special in preschool

Review the classroom rules as well as rules for how to be a good listener, and how to be a good speaker. Children will demonstrate their knowledge by drawing a picture or writing about being special. Lesson 6: I Am Special and You Are Special Too - Eleanor Vistein Subject Area: Diversity Grade level: Kindergarten Ages Length of Lesson: 60 minutes Objectives: The students will create a book based on personal experience that will include information about self; people, places, and things relevant to self; and appropriate illustrations.

The students will remember and review the classroom rules.

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