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Helping my children learn that there is nothing wrong with acknowledging that something is greater than themselves is tantamount to teaching them that they are not the center of the universe, even if they think they are. The commercial ends with both of them eating a midnight snack. Each of us answers to a higher authority in different situations. Acknowledging that there is someone with more authority than ourselves is part of the human experience. In every facet of my life and in theirs, there are authority figures that we need to respect.

Most mornings, my wife calls me at work so I can pray for our kids on their way to school. Every day, each of us practices faith in one form or another.

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We have faith that our spouse will honor their commitment to us. Through prayer, the development of their faith can occur and grow.

Just like when my mom would pray for my brother and me, I hope that my kids will do likewise with their children. Please try again. Give us a little more information and we'll give you a lot more relevant content. Your child's birthday or due date. Girl Boy Not Sure. Add A Child. Something went wrong. Please contact support fatherly. Like fatherly on Facebook. My 21 year old son is filled with self hatred and believes nothing can help. His mom left when he was 13 and moved a thousand miles away.

I run a business that fell on hard times and it took all my energy to save. I mourn these 7 years for my wife back and my 21 year old to be who he was to be before catastrophe struck. My son does not believe in The Lord and has been involved in drugs. Please pray for him, please. I was having concerns about the behaviour of my 8 year old son who is in grade 3.

An intelligent boy, he is easily influenced by his class mates and i have noticed that he has been very lazy at school which i hope is not because he is bored.

I find myself calling him names and it hurts me. I know and believe that positive affirmations on my son will bear fruit but as a mother i feel helpless sometimes. I was completely blown away by your comment because it was as if you wrote it on my behalf. Please pray for me and my son, Joshua. Help me pray for my son who life needs to Chang pray pray for him Yancy l Johnson.

He has a good Hart.

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My 19 year-old son was just recently diagniosed with Bipolar disorder. He has been in the hospital 3 times in the last 6 months, and.

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He cannot be reasoned with, I am lost and so afraid for him… Need prayers for finding the right treatment and a miracle from God to help me get him going in the right direction. Doctors and facilities have not helped, I am overwhelmed with sadness for my son as well as all the people and families that live with this hellish disorder.

Thank-you and God Bless. My son is also 19 diagnosed Bipolar. He refused to go to school anymore when he was Doesnt want to do anything. Sleeps all day and is up all night.

10 Prayers For Your Son

When he sees me all he does is beg for money and then blows up if i dont give it to him. I know he wants it to buy drugs and aclohol. Pray for my son and i will pray for yours.

I am praying that my son be delivered from a demonic spirit passed to him from his father which has caused him to get into trouble. Thank you, Jesus. Pleas pray my sons…to much to say but we need a healn n all generational curses Be broke in the name of Jesus thank you.

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Please pray for my son Ronald. Since he left for college he has forgotten who he really is and his love for the Lord is not where it used to be. He smokes marijuana and he is dating a young lady that is not of God for his life. Pray deliverrance and healing and that he return to the Lord with his whole heart. My son now has kids… but I am raising 2 of my daughters kids… Praying my son stops drinking and sets a good example for his daughter… Praying he starts going to church and raising his daughter to know God. I have 4 children, 3 of which are boys.

I ask that you please pray for my oldest son, Jason whom is 28 yrs old. He has been struggling with drug addiction for over 10 years. I ask for strength for myself as a mother as this just crushes your heart and for many other parents going through this same pain. I ask that the lord would tug at these hearts and give them the desire to come to him and want to live their lives for the lord and ask him for the the strength and courage they need to overcome their addictions.

Satan is really try to destroy his life.

A Prayer to Honor Your Mom

Our precious father God in heaven will have sweet mercy. Brandon is a child of God. But like some of us drift sometimes. I am in GA and he is 8 hours away. Pray for Our God to love and protect and put a hedge of protection round about him. God gave me this son and I am trying to do my best giving him direction. And Polish him..

Thank you father God in Jesus precious name. I love you Lord. I thank you whole heart6. I thank you whole heartedly. Amen and Amen. Lord also please touch and solve every post of These humble peiple crying out for your help. Give then patience and peace until you finish your work. In Jesus name. Our kiddos know Jesus, know the Word, and are at church every time the doors are open. The son who sparked this comment is an all-around straight-A, athletic, great kid. I found the following written by my 14 year old remember: this is the child who never causes us trouble :.

I got a detention for an iligitimate reason, if asking a question is a bad reason for a detention.