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Authors and publishers dusted their stories with stylistic sprinkles, because children were no longer seen as having to depend on religion or etiquette guides to make sense of the world. As writers realized the power of entertainment, preachy, elbows-off-the-table books became less dry.

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Publishers paired history, religion, morals, and social conventions with illustrations and catchy nursery rhymes. A milestone for authors like Carroll, these types of tales gave characters, and in turn young readers, the ability to learn by doing and not by being told by a parent, preacher, or pedagogue.

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Alice embodied that shift:. Unlike the familiar middle-class abodes or charming villages in which most moral tales were set, Alice swims in a pool of tears and plays croquet with flamingos and hedgehogs. At the same time, she sticks up for herself, tries her best to use sound judgment and never gives up — values moral tales would encompass.

Its non-human characters act like people and contradict each other; however, its riddles and juxtapositions deconstruct the truth without destroying it.

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On the surface, Wonderland is a paradise of puns, paradoxes and anthropomorphism. Underneath, it is deeply honest in its portrayal of childhood and adulthood. Wearing a simple, traditional knee-length puff-sleeve dress with a pinafore on top and and ankle-strap shoes, Alice is more complex and daring than her apparel.

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  4. She talks to herself typical of a creative child , is startled by her changing height a parody of puberty , fumbles through strange, increasingly grown-up encounters the joys of maturation , and remains honest and curious all the while. She is courageous in the act of growing up. Alice is all of us figuring out how to stay sane in a mad world.

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    Like Peter Pan, Edmund Pevensie, Charlie Bucket, and Harry Potter, Alice is an ordinary child going on an extraordinary adventure, always returning with her readers in a more curious, clearer state of mind. Sign in. Get started. The delights of nonsense.

    The Logic of Alice: Clear Thinking in Wonderland

    He now lectures in clear thinking, mental gymnastics, logic, and neuroscience at Rice University and the Women's Institute of Houston. Patten, Bernard.

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    Alice in Wonderland may well be the most interpreted book in history, but there are always new depths to be plumbed. Bernard Patten dazzles us with his analysis of key episodes in the book.

    Like Lewis Carroll, Patten obviously loves logic and uses wit and humor to draw serious lessons about the principles of clear and logical thinking. The interpretations range from Freudian analysis to speculations about the real-life people who may have inspired the animal characters. In this unique approach to interpreting Alice, the fruit of ten years of research, Dr.

    Patten shows that Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, aka Lewis Carroll, fused his passion for logic, mathematics, and games with his love of words and nonsense stories to produce a multifaceted, intricately structured work of literature.