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The burning question: What kind of penguin are you?

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What Fortnite Player Are You? Which Sideman Are You? Which Doki Doki Literature Club! Character are you? Leopard seals, sea lions and orcas killer whales will all eat penguins, although leopard seals are usually the biggest threat in Antarctica.

Are You A Penguin?

Due to eating so much seafood, penguins need to be able to cope with the high amount of salt in the saltwater. They have a gland located just above their eye called the supraorbital gland, which filters the salt from their bloodstream. This is then excreted through the bill, or by sneezing! Penguins undergo a process called catastrophic moulting, when they replace all of their feathers in the space of a few weeks.

During this time, they cannot enter the water so they need to have accumulated enough fat to fast through this period.

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Most birds replace their feathers gradually over the course of the year, while penguins have to go through this process all at once. Find out more about their work: www. Home Animal Facts Birds 20 fun facts about penguins. A gentoo penguin in front of an iceberg.

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Southern rockhopper penguin at a nesting colony in the Falkland Islands. An engraving of a great auk. Adelie penguin on an ice floe in the southern ocean off Antarctica.

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Macaroni penguin on South Georgia Island. You need to get really close to a penguin to see its individual feathers. Emperor penguins on ice on Snow Hill Island, Antarctica. The blue penguin is the smallest extant penguin species. Emperor penguins are the tallest penguins on Earth with a height of 1. Penguin diving deep in the ocean. Galapagos penguin diving for fish.

Conservation Work. Research Work. Sustainable Practices. Green Your Footprint. Web design and content by Flow Communications. Search Two Oceans Aquarium Toggle navigation. Home Blog 26 types of penguin: The only list you'll ever need.

It's time to get your waddle on!

Image courtesy of Mike Reyfman. Image source: Yc. Fairy penguins Eudyptula minor minor - Least Concern. Image source: Wikimedia.

Image source: PowToday. Image source: Asemc.

Discover your penguin personality and find out where you would live in the vast Southern Ocean

Image source: NaNaMe. Macaroni penguins Eudyptes chrysolophus - Vulnerable. Australian little penguins Eudyptula novaehollandiae. Image source: SnaresPenguin. Erect-crested penguins Eudyptes sclateri - Endangered. Image source: Nature on PBS. Gentoo penguins Pygoscelis papua papua - Least Concern. Image courtesy of David Burren. Humboldt penguins Spheniscus humboldti - Vulnerable. Image courtesy of Cyril Ruoso. Image source: Birds of New Zealand Online. Fiordland penguins Eudyptes pachyrhynchus - Vulnerable.